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MGS is a company built around the principles of aligning IT goals around your specific business needs. Through the use of system integrators, we are able to enhance your company's growth potential by developing a greater awareness of your business's network edge. Understanding the dependencies is critical to any deployment and must be accounted for.  Our ability to understand complex technologies is our strength in providing teamwork, leadership or project management to deliver custom tailored services to meet your objectives.

Network Assessment

Many compliance auditors have begun to ask questions regarding who, what is attached to the Enterprise network and for how long. In addition, many have begun to consider how an IT administrator would lock out would be intruders, isolate violators, and locate someone quickly in either scenario.  MGS believes that the health of your network begins with practicing endpoint discovery, network based authentication and identity based asset management to optimize business while securing your intellectual assets. Business success is having the knowledge of knowing who and what is on your network at any given time, as well as, being able to obtain a precise view of this historical data.




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